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Shanker Singham tells BBC Radio4 that Crawford Falconer is the best man to negotiate our trade deals

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Crawford Falconer, a trade negotiator from New Zealand and former Commissioner with our Special Trade Commission, has been appointed by the Government as chief trade negotiator for the many trade deals that need to be made once Britain has left the EU.

This is a massive undertaking and BBC Radio4 sought the views of friends, family and colleagues to shed light on Crawford's career and see if he's up to the task ahead.

Shanker Singham, Chairman of our Special Trade Commission, is confident Crawford has what it takes. He said in the interview:

"There's more than just knowledge and experience in having done negotiations. There are of course lots of people who have done that. It's also the character that you bring to this. You're going to have to have someone who is optimistic, who is vision oriented and who can see the big picture...You need somebody there who's got their eye firmly on the prize of success. One of the things about Crawford is he does have that."

Listen to the BBC Radio4 interview here