Economics of Prosperity

Media Summary

  • Free trade is key to the UK’s prosperity after Brexit, Steve Baker, FT [£ View
  • The pay-as-you-go Brexit, Tim Shipman & James Lyons, The Times [£ View]
  • Shanker Singham gives an update on Brexit, TPP and more, Sky News [Watch]
  • The cost of EEA membership is not worth it for the UK, Reaction [View]
  • Just as MPs can’t negotiate Britain’s Brexit, so they can’t negotiate its future trade deals, ConservativeHome [View
  • Donald Trump’s ambiguous trade policy is a massive opportunity for Britain to catalyse the creation of a new Prosperity Zone, City A.M. [View]
  • Investment is the new front line in the global war on trade, Australian Financial Review [View]
  • Steve Baker, MP: We need a pragmatic approach to leaving the European Union, City A.M. [View]
  • City firms expected to forge strong deals after Brexit, City A.M. [View]
  • Hard Brexit could help secure trade deals worth double EU agreements, say Eurosceptics, Sunday Telegraph [View]
  • Nick Clegg Attacked for Claiming Brexit Will Cause Food Prices to Rise, Reaction [View
  • Fading of Trump Might See Trade Window Opening Again, Australian Financial Review (£) [View]
  • Brexit Britain Can Be a Catalyst For Global Free Trade, Reaction [View
  • Frozen Capital: How to Boost Iceland’s Economy, Reaction [View]
  • The Mayor of London Has Opted to Protect Privilege Not Competition, City A.M. [View]
  • Liam Fox Declares Trade Ministry ‘Open for Business’, Financial Times (£) [View
  • A Good UK-EU Trade Deal is Good for the World, Reaction [View
  • Post-Brexit Britain Can Get a Much Better US Trade Deal than the EU's Failing TTIP, City A.M.[View]
  • Brexit Britain Has a Historic Opportunity to Reshape Global Trade, Reaction [View]
  • Brexit Briefing: Agriculture Anguish, Financial Times (£) [View]
  • Brexit Doomsday? Britain's Many Surprises, Voice of America [View]
  • Dear Chancellor, Provide Stability But Let’s Keep Our Options Open, CapX [View]
  • The Common Agricultural Policy is Iniquitous and Inefficient. Brexit, Offers a Chance to be Fairer and More Productive, Daily Telegraph [View]
  • New Trade Commission Warns UK to Treat China with "Kid Gloves", and Focus on Attempts to Secure Deals with Countries with "Similar Values", City A.M. [View]

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