Economics of Prosperity

Morality of Capitalism is a sub-programme of the Economics of Prosperity that develops the moral case for the free and competitive market system, and especially the negative impact of economic distortions.

It highlights the immorality of distortions and the way they push people into poverty, develops ideas on crony versus competitive market capitalism and explores the need for moral actors for the free and competitive market system to work.

This programme is currently in development and further activities will be added shortly. For enquiries, please contact Shanker Singham



From Poverty to Prosperity

A paper by Shanker Singham and Molly Kiniry that makes the economic and moral case for how property rights, open trade and competitive markets can serve as a means to lifting people out of poverty, and towards prosperity.


Prosperity for All: Restoring Faith in Capitalism

A ten-part manifesto, authored by Legatum Fellow Tim Montgomerie—and launched by the Rt. Hon. George Osborne, MP in 2015—that explores the factors behind why capitalism has come to attract such negative public reaction, and what governments must do to prove to citizens that capitalism really can bring prosperity to everyone.