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Curbing Corruption: Ideas That Work is a joint project between  Democracy Lab and the Legatum Institute that produces a series of case studies examining specific interventions against corruption which have produced positive results. The aim is to tell a set of stories that illustrate how combatting corruption works in practice, which may offer insight on some of the larger issues across the globe. The papers have formed the basis of several broader discussions, including an expert workshop in London, a public panel, as well as knowledge exchanges in cities undergoing change. The goal of this project is to identify ideas that do and don’t work and share them with the wider anti-corruption and policy communities.

How Kenya Cleaned Up Its Courts [PDF]

A new constitution gave judicial reformers an opportunity to earn back the people’s trust. Here’s what they did with it.

By Maya Gainer

July 2016

Curbing Corruption: Ideas That Work (2015 Executive Summaries) [PDF]

Introduction by Christian Caryl

September 2015

Published by the Legatum Institute

The Fight for Ukraine's Soul [PDF]

Why Ukraine’s effort to curb corruption is a Sisyphean task.
A situation report.

By Frank Brown

September 2015

The Spirit of Lviv [PDF]

How Ukraine’s most European city forged a popular movement against corruption and bad governance.

By Ilya Lozovsky

September 2015

Cleaning Up La Paz [PDF]

How Bolivia’s biggest city freed itself from a ubiquitous culture of corruption.

By Nieves Zuniga and Paul M. Heywood

September 2015

Judges on the Take [PDF]

How the FBI took on Chicago’s crooked courts.

By Richard Messick

September 2015

How Georgia Stamped Out Corruption on Campus [PDF]

First they fired the Education Ministry. Then came the hard part.

By Christofer Berglund and Johan Engvall

September 2015

Brazil and the Bloodsuckers [PDF]

Congratulations, corrupt mayor! Your number’s up, and the auditors are on their way. 

By Anna Petherick

August 2015

The Little Anti-Corruption Agency That Could [PDF]

After humble beginnings in empty offices, Croatia’s anti-corruption body became a crusading national force. 

By Gabriel Kuris

August 2015

The Gecko's Bite [PDF]

Indonesia’s anti-corruption commission has made great strides in combating graft. But now it risks becoming a victim of its own success. 

By Rushda Majeed

July 2015


Integrity Gets Great Ratings [PDF]

How Nepalese people harnessed the power of reality TV to strike a blow against corruption.

By Blair Glencorse and Suman Parajuli

July 2015

Calling In Against Corruption [PDF]

A Pakistani official set out to prevent bureaucrats from demanding bribes for providing basic public services. The solution: citizen feedback through mobile phones. 

By Mohammad Omar Masud

July 2015

The Data Sleuths of San José [PDF]

How three scrappy Costa Rican reporters used the power of data to bring down a system of sleaze.

By Christian Caryl

May 2015