Cultural Transformation


Our Cultural Transformation programme, led by Shelley Hartland, seeks to help our great institutions – including business, media and politics – examine how they can make a greater contribution to the strength, integrity and health of our society. In recent years, a number of these institutions have suffered a loss of public confidence, as many have questioned the ethics that govern them.

Historically, strong societies and strong nations have been built on key values such as courage, integrity, freedom, loyalty and social responsibility. We want to examine how values such as these can strengthen institutional frameworks. To do this, we have introduced an innovative events series, inviting those at the pinnacle of their careers to identify the challenges of their sector and share their view on how best to foster a healthy culture to our top institutions and industries.

Through these discussions we aim to support leaders in their field to strengthen and reform current practice by promoting a greater sense of good citizenship and civic responsibility, to deliver a legacy of greater prosperity in the future.