Commenting on Sir Lockwood’s appointment, the Institute’s Director of Economic Policy and Prosperity Studies and Chair of the Special Trade Commission, Shanker Singham said:

“We are very fortunate to have Sir Lockwood join our Special Trade Commission. He brings invaluable experience, advice, creativity and perspectives at this critical juncture for the UK.”

The Legatum Institute is committed to positioning the UK for the best possible Brexit – one that is open and able to generate the jobs, growth and prosperity we need to provide genuine opportunity for the people of Britain.

As an Institute, we were neutral during the referendum campaign. Now that Britain has voted to leave the European Union, our focus has been on maximising the opportunities this presents. We are committed to playing a constructive role in the public debate around Brexit, drawing upon our expertise.

“We created our Special Trade Commission to bring together the world’s foremost experts on trade with the aim of presenting an effective road map for the many trade negotiations, which the UK will now undertake,” says Mr Singham.

“Sir Lockwood is a welcome addition to the Commission with his many years of diplomacy and political experience, particularly in the area of trade. Having served as New Zealand’s High Commissioner in London for the last four years, he has a good understanding of the UK’s political and economic landscape,” says Mr Singham.

As New Zealand’s trade minister, Sir Lockwood was the first trade minister in the world to sign China up to the World Trade Organisation. He also initiated New Zealand's trade agreement with Singapore, a world leading open accession platform that paved the way for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the largest trade agreement in history.

At the recent Prosperity UK conference Sir Lockwood spoke optimistically about the opportunities before the UK:

“The greatest prize from Brexit is your ability to develop a global trade strategy. Britain has the potential to play a leading role globally on trade liberalisation.  The world needs you right now.  Whatever you do, do not waste this moment."