"Between now and the May 7 election, the British debate—the most insular I can ever remember—will focus squarely on the nitty-gritty of taxes, spending, and the costs of things promised in those manifestos. The Tories have offered more childcare and home ownership, so for the past few days the newspapers and the opposition have been running the budget numbers to see if they add up. Labour has promised to abolish a notorious tax loophole, and journalists and opponents have been pricing that promise, too ... In the United States, we won’t get close to that level of detail. Instead, we will have a long national debate about “who we are” and “what kind of nation we would like to become" ... It would be nice to inject some British brevity and thrift into the U.S. campaign. But I also wish I could import a little bit of American grandiosity and extravagance to Britain."

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