Everybody In: How to end homelessness in Great Britain, includes detailed costings by PWC, and includes a raft of recommendations to end homelessness. These include a focus on prevention, strategies for rapid rehousing, outreach to end rough sleeping and delivery of more affordable and accessible homes.

The causes of homelessness are often complex and numerous, from a lack of affordable housing, relationship and family breakdown, loss of employment, illness, addiction and abuse. With the lack of affordable housing in the UK fast-becoming one of the major challenges of our generation, we are working with Create Streets to help tackle the housing crisis. Our Planning 3.0 project asks what the planning system should look like in order to deliver sufficient numbers of affordable homes.

Homelessness is not inevitable.  We want to see vulnerable people who are dealing with homelessness provided with the opportunities and support they deserve to have a safe and secure home, thereby giving them the chance to create their own pathways out of poverty.