Carole Kariuki discussed the important role of the private sector in Kenya’s economic transition.

Speaking from her experience at the apex of Kenya’s private sector community she discussed the connection between successful democratic transitions and the implementation of economic reforms to promote entrepreneurial opportunities and growth. Carole explained how Kenya has become a leading regional player in a wide variety of sectors from agriculture to finance, stressing that success in these areas has been built upon coordination and partnership between the private sector, government and international partners. 

Carole discussed specifically how the private sector in Kenya has fed into the government’s development and economic strategies through stakeholder forum’s and roundtables. To this end KEPSA was highly involved in planning ‘Kenya Vision 2030’, which aims to see Kenya become a Middle Income Country by 2030. The Kenyan experience of involving the private sector in policy decisions geared towards economic reform serves as an example to many other African countries which are undertaking  similar long-term programmes to achieve middle income status.

The livestreamed discussion was moderated by Peter Lewis, Associate Professor and Director of the African Studies Program at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.


Economic Development and the Role of the Private Sector - A Case Study of Kenya by Carole Kariuki, May 2014 [PDF]


Video - Livestream

The Kenya case study is the third lecture in a joint series on 'The Role of Economics in Democratic Transitions', organised by the Legatum Institute, the National Endowment for Democracy’s International Forum for Democratic Studies, and World Affairs, that explores the link between economic reform and political transitions.

Video Interview - Carole Kariuki and Christian Caryl

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