The EU referendum showed the true extent of a 'divided nation', revealing that a large proportion of the country has lost faith in mainstream politics. The '48:52’ project will be founded on the two think tanks’ expertise in promoting prosperity and alleviating poverty. The project will provide policy solutions to help the next government bridge the gap between people who are benefiting from a more globally connected world and those who fear for their, and their children’s, future. With contributions from prominent authors from both organisations, including Anne Applebaum, Tim Montgomerie, Philippa Stroud and James O'Shaughnessy, the 48:52 project will launch in the autumn of 2016.

Speaking at the event, Mr Gove—a passionate advocate of the fight to narrow the gap between the rich and poor—said:

"Capitalism has not been working for everyone. If we are to make sure that capitalism, free markets and free trade—the engines of prosperity, the symbols of liberty—are to survive into the next century, we need to make sure that everyone benefits, and that means we need to think hard. We need to think about the changes in education, welfare and our political economy. That's the challenge for the next prime minister, whoever she may be, and I know that the work of the Legatum Institute and the Centre for Social Justice will be invaluable ... Prosperity is the foundation stone; liberty is the means—but greater equality must be our goal."

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