The Phillips Collection's Director Dorothy Kosinski opened the discussion by outlining the fundamental and instrumental ways in which culture—specifically the arts—enrich a society. From participatory democracy to socioeconomic wealth, the arts spur innovation, entrepreneurial ideas and dialogue, serving as a catalyst for prosperity.

Steven Knapp, President of the George Washington University and member of the Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences, stressed the importance of collaboration—among cultural and educational institutions, across sectors and public private entities. It is through creative partnerships and the integration of the humanities and STEM that societies across the globe will be able to best tackle the foremost challenges of today and to flourish.


The discussion was chaired by Jeffrey Brown, correspondent for the arts, culture and society at PBS Newshour, with introductory remarks from Alanna Putze, Senior Programme Director at the Legatum Institute.

Dorothy Kosinski's paper is available here: A Case for the Importance of Culture in a Prosperous Society.

Video - Dorothy Kosinski interviewed by Alanna Putze

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