A conversation with author and MP for Clacton Douglas Carswell.

Moderated by LI's Jeffrey Gedmin, President and CEO.

The West is in crisis. Governments have grown too big, living beyond their meansand ours. The true costs of extra officialdom have been concealed. Parasitical politicians have been hopeless at holding to account the elites who now preside over us. As a result, Western nations are mired in debt and chronically misgoverned. Should we despair? Actually, no. Precisely because the West's Big Government model is bust, things are going to have to change.

The West is on the cusp of dramatic changes driven by the failure of her elites, technology and maths. At the precise moment Big Government becomes unaffordable, the internet revolution makes it possible to do without it. Be optimistic. We are going to be able to manage without governmentand thrive. The old political and economic order is about to give way to something vastly better. 

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About the Speaker
Douglas Carswell is the Member of Parliament for Clacton. He studied history at the University of East Anglia and then at King’s College, London. Before starting his career in politics, Mr Carswell worked in the television and investment management businesses. In 2009 the Daily Telegraph voted him a Briton of the Year and the Spectator readers nominated him Parliamentarian of the Year.

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