The sessions particularly focused on how to build trade agreements, cities and banks which work for the whole of society and what the US presidential election might mean for the future of domestic politics and transatlantic relations.

The conference included a keynote address by Syed Kamall MEP, in which he outlined the UK opportunities afforded by Brexit, including with regards to trade, employment, the economy, national security and beyond. Kamall painted a positive picture for both the UK and EU, but concluded by saying that we must work together with positivity and pragmatism during the negotiation process. If this happens, "we will end up with agreements where the UK becomes good neighbours with the EU, as we cease to become reluctant tennants".

The conference also launched a new Legatum Institute paper by urban consultant, James Fischelis, which analyses the crucial role of cities in lifting people out of poverty and towards prosperity.

Keynote Address by Syed Kamall, MEP


Trade Policy in a New World

  • Shanker Singham, Legatum Institute
  • Oren Cass, Manhattan Institute
  • Molly Kiniry, Legatum Institute (Moderator)

Cities in the Changing Global Economic Environment

  • Nicole Gelinas, Manhattan Institute
  • Stephen Eide, Manhattan Institute
  • James Fischelis, Urban Consultant & author of Prosperity Without Borders
  • Giles Dilnot, Legatum Institute (Moderator)

The Future of Banking

  • Mickey Levy, Shadow Open Market Committee (MI)
  • Victoria Hewson, Legatum Institute
  • Iain Martin, Reaction
  • Shanker Singham, Legatum Institute (Moderator)

Keynote Address

  • Syed Kamall, MEP

The United States Under the Next President

  • Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Manhattan Institute
  • Shanker Singham, Legatum Institute
  • Joseph C. Sternberg, The Wall Street Journal Europe
  • Molly Kiniry, Legatum Institute

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About the Economics of Prosperity

The Economics of Prosperity programme looks at how policy-makers can develop legal, economic and governance environments that deliver increased economic activity, generate jobs and lift their peoples out of poverty. Led by Shanker Singham, the programme produces papers, panels and seminars, including country studies that identify the constraints to economic growth and wealth creation.