The lunch, during which Jerry will share his unique insights from his experience in Rwanda and Libya, will mark the publication of Free Speech, Free Press, Free Societies, the Legatum Institute's new report on media policy in transitioning countries.

Jerry Timmins is the Managing Director of GMT Media, which provides specialist support to governments and broadcasters on media policy, institutional reform and channel launches.  He has recently worked in Rwanda, Libya, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, the Republic of Ireland as well as the United Kingdom. 

The publication forms part of a series of 'Transitions Forum' papers dedicated to the economics and politics of radical political change.

About the speaker

Before setting up GMT Media in 2010, Jerry was a senior executive at BBC World Service, where he was a Board member for over 15 years. He was first responsible for North and South America and went on to be Regional Head for Africa and the Middle East. He also commissioned training for BBC World Service.

He built a track record for launching new, high impact projects, programmes and channels and forged strong international partnerships. Launches included BBC Arabic Television in 2008 (which  last year had a measured audience of 34 million);  the BBC’s first international news co-production The World, providing  prime time radio news for public radio in the USA; the BBC’s Caribbean service and the successful morning radio news programme BBC World Update. He also led a major expansion of the BBC’s presence internationally, opening multi-lingual production centres in Cairo, Abuja, Dakar and Miami.

In 2001, he wrote the Production House of the Future report, which prompted a fundamental change in studio design and digital production techniques at the BBC. In 2002 he went on to work with the BBC’s Director General, leading the People strand of the Making it Happen change project. This has been used by Harvard University as a case study of how to drive successful corporate change. 

Prior to his leadership roles, Jerry worked as a reporter, writer, producer and editor at the BBC, working on Radio 4 and BBC TV’s Newsnight, as well as at the World Service. He has written articles for The Times, Sunday Times, the Independent and other newspapers. He has a BA Honours in English from Oxford University.