A conversation with Greg Barker MP, Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change and Hywel Williams, author and historian.

Greg Barker has played a major role in the modernisation of the Conservative Party and was instrumental in furthering an awareness of environmental issues both within his party as well as on the national stage in the period leading up to the General Election of 2010. During this Salon evening he will be discussing the possible future evolution of environmental policies in an age of economic austerity. If conservatives favour freedom, what role should government play in protecting the environment? How do we encourage the private sector to become more active and responsible on environmental issues?  Is there a role for civil society?

Below is an audio recording from the event:

The discussion was moderated by Jeffrey Gedmin, President and CEO, Legatum Institute.

In its Salon Series the Legatum Institute hosts scholars, writers, artists and public figures to discuss issues that are fundamental to the success of free, prosperous, and enterprising societies. Ranging widely across the arts, sciences and humanities, the conversations promote a discourse between cultural, philosophical, economic and political modes of enquiry.

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