During a frank exchange, Congressman Holding blamed the Obama Administration for shirking from its responsibility as the world’s policeman: in so doing, he charged, President Obama had created a power vacuum that Vladimir Putin and ISIS had filled.

The Congressman, a member of the influential Ways and Means Committee, said that he and fellow-Republicans were conscious that the US tax code failed to promote business, and especially hindered the flourishing of small businesses, that represented 80% of the US economy. Citizens were increasingly frustrated by the difficult climate in which they had to do business—and for the first time since records began, Americans feared that the next generation would fare worse than their own. Feeling robbed of the American Dream, US voters were now so angry and frustrated, they were turning to political ‘outliers’ like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. The appeal of these candidates, warned Congressman Holding, should not be underestimated: recent polls showed that Donald Trump was popular not only among blue collar workers—as might be expected—but among moderate Republicans as well. The 2016 election, he concluded, promised to be a very thrilling one.

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