In his recent bestselling book The Science Delusion, Rupert Sheldrake argues that the sciences are being constricted by dogmatic assumptions. He shows that when these assumptions are turned into questions, all sorts of new possibilities open up, including new energy technologies, new approaches to human nutrition, animal-based warning systems for earthquakes and tsunamis, and a new understanding of heredity and memory. 

In this Legatum Institute discussion, Sheldrake will summarize his ideas and suggest ways in which innovative projects could be encouraged through new systems of science funding, in which relatively small investments could make a big difference.

The event will be hosted by Jeffrey Gedmin, President and CEO, Legatum Institute, and historian and author Hywel Williams.

In its Salon Series the Legatum Institute hosts scholars, writers, artists and public figures to discuss issues that are fundamental to the success of free, prosperous, and enterprising societies. Ranging widely across the arts, sciences and humanities, the conversations promote a discourse between cultural, philosophical, economic and political modes of enquiry.