A discussion with Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann, author of True Keeper of the Holy Flame: The Legacy of Pentagon Strategist and Mentor, Dr Fritz Kraemer and resident and Founder of the World Security Network Foundation. Joining him will be Sir Sebastian Roberts, Major General ret and former General Officer Commanding London District Member of the World Security Foundation International Advisory Board.

Dr Fritz Kraemer (1908–2003) was a German-American military educator and advisor who taught and inspired generations of officers, officials, American presidents and private citizens. He discovered young Henry Kissinger and Alexander Haig and became their mentor. He served as Senior Civilian Advisor to the US Army Chief of Staff in the Pentagon and influenced the Department of Defence during the Cold War.

Now more relevant than ever, what can we learn from the legendary Pentagon Strategist? What principles should guide foreign and defense policies in a globalized world? 

The World Security Network (WSN) was initiated by Dr Hubertus Hoffmann and Dr  Fritz Kraemer and is the largest global elite network for foreign and security policy, with the aim of “Networking a Safer World” and promoting a fresh global foreign policy, which they label “World 3.0”.

The discussion will be moderated by Zachary Courser, Senior Programme Director and Fellow at the Legatum Institute.

About the speakers

Dr Hubertus Hoffmann is a London-based German entrepreneur and geo-strategist, Dr Hoffmann is President and Founder of the World Security Network Foundation. A protégé of Dr Fritz Kraemer he is author of 'True Keeper of the Holy Flame, The Legacy of Pentagon Strategist and Mentor Dr Fritz Kraemer'.

Sir Sebastian Roberts is a retired Major General and former General Officer Commanding London District. He is author of "The Military Covenant" and of the Royal College of Defence Studies "Strategy Handbook". Sir Sebastian Roberts is also a member of the World Security Network Foundation International Advisory Board.

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