With the rise of populism in Donald Trump and the largely uninformed debates that took place surrounding Brexit, this 1675 Club event will seek to realign fact-checking and evidence-based argument into the centre of political discourse and counter-act the disturbing shift away from reason and logic.



  • Peter Pomerantsev, Senior Fellow, Legatum Institute

About the Speakers

Will Moy has given evidence to the Public Administration Select Committee on the communication of official statistics and the Leveson Inquiry on accuracy and press standards, on both occasions communicating the lessons from the hundreds of individual fact-checks Full Fact has conducted. He has been a guest on TV and radio, from rolling news and the Today Programme through to discussion shows on Radio 5 Live and LBC. He and the team are often asked to assist the media with factual and statistical issues both on and off the record. Will is regularly asked to speak at events ranging from the Government Statistical Service annual conference to the Perugia International Festival of Journalism as well as at internal events for organisations interested in Full Fact’s work. Before Full Fact, Will worked for the Parliamentary Advisory Council on Transport Safety and then as a researcher in the House of Lords for the non-party affiliated peer Lord Low of Dalston.

Peter Barnes conducts research and data analysis for the BBC—particularly focusing on elections and polling. He was one of the principal members of the BBC’s Reality Check team during the EU Referendum campaign, including appearances on radio and television. He has previously worked as a producer for programmes across BBC News and has a PhD in the philosophy of social science.

Peter Pomerantsev leads the Beyond Propaganda programme within the Legatum Institute's Transitions Forum. He is also an author and documentary producer. His writing features regularly in the London Review of Books, Atlantic, Financial Times, Foreign Policy and elsewhere, focusing largely, though not exclusively, on 21st century propaganda. Previously, Pomerantsev worked as a consultant on EU and World Bank development projects in the former USSR. His book about working as a TV producer in Putin's Russia, Nothing is True and Everything is Possible, was published by Faber in 2015.

About the 1675 Club

The 1675 Club is the Legatum Institute's society for young leaders and thinkers. The Club provides a venue where the key political, economic and social issues of the day can be debated over a glass of wine. The Club hosts regular events at the Legatum Institute. These are informal occasions where attendees can hear from experts and 1675 Club peers, and participate in the discussion. 1675 Club attendees boast a vast array of knowledge and experience in their own right and so it is hoped to include Club participants as panellists, moderators or discussants at these events.