This month we are launching a series of “Chatham House” discussions where sector experts share the challenges their industry face, and how they can build and restore a healthy culture.

How does the modern media speak truth to power, and challenge those who would muzzle a free press whilst honestly addressing the lack of trust in media output, so called "fake news", the onset of online/social media competition and the scandals of the recent past ?

If Media outlets don't want legislative controls as the "slippery slope to state censorship" what can they do more to address declining trust in them, and a strongly perceived lack of internal industry ethics ?

We hope, through our off-the-record discussions, to provide the perfect opportunity to engage influential thinkers in restoring the values that advance good citizenship and civic responsibility.

Our guests include some of the biggest names and players in the Media – from the BBC, ITN, Sky, The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail and major digital platforms.

The Cultural Transformation Programme was launched in January 2017. 

This event is by invitation-only.