Prue is a successful restaurateur, journalist, cookery writer and business woman. She was Veuve Cliquot Business Woman of the year and is soon to star in the new Great British Bake Off. She has a particular interest in food education and training, particularly for the most disadvantaged in our society, working on long term projects bringing healthy food to schools, hospitals and other institutions.

As a successful businesswoman, Prue was perfectly placed to speak on “Ethics in Business”, examining the ideal of business as a moral community, where people are enabled to flourish and contribute to the prosperity of the wider community. In this talk, Prue shared the moral dilemmas she has faced in her long career and her thoughts on the current climate when it comes to ethics in business.

The talk was part of the Legatum Institute's programme of Cultural Transformation, where sector experts share the challenges their industry faces – and how they can build and restore a healthy culture.