Discussion Topics

  • Internet and the Maidan: how important was the Internet in organising the revolution? What can other democracy movements learn from the Maidan’s digital dissidents?
  • How does Russia use the Internet in its ‘hybrid war’ against Ukraine? What lessons have been learnt from Ukraine’s response?
  • What is the present and future of Ukraine’s online space? Does the situation risk descending into disinformation from all sides?


  • Katrina Elledge, US Defence Department analyst and Associate Scholar of the University of Cambridge, Pembroke College and author of the forthcoming study Ukraine: Dissident Capabilities in the Cyber Age
  • Margo Gontar and Tetyana Matychak, editors of Stop Fake, a project that fights misinformation about events in Ukraine by debunking fakes in the media and raising public awareness about propaganda tools


  • Peter Pomerantsev, Senior Fellow to the Transitions Forum, Legatum Institute

About the Series

The Legatum Institute's Beyond Propaganda series will help media, experts and the general public to be better equipped against media manipulation across the world, and will inform the work of policy-makers looking for innovative ways to win the ‘information war’.

The Transitions Forum is a series of projects dedicated to the challenges and possibilities of radical political and economic change.