During the Conference they began to outline a vision for Britain’s exit from the European Union and the many trade negotiations that the UK will need to undertake. They discussed the state of transatlantic trade, the likely impact of the Trump administration on those ties as well as the NAFTA renegotiation, the prospects for TTIP and the resurrection of TPP, the future of the WTO and the opportunities for Britain to pursue unilateral, plurilateral and multilateral liberalisation. A future Prosperity Zone between like-minded countries was repeatedly highlighted as a key opportunity for post-Brexit Britain to engage in a high-standards, growth-creating trade agreement.

The Commissioners gave public briefings to parliamentarians and the International Trade Committee in the House of Commons and at a public event hosted at the Legatum Institute where they shared their expertise and recommendations for the UK’s exit strategy.

Baroness Stroud welcomed guests to the Institute and the event (listen)

Six of the Legatum Institute Special Trade Commissioners sat down with the Institute's Director of Communications, Giles Dilnot and talked about what they saw as the big challenges and big opportunities for the UK post Brexit  

Here's Crawford Falconer, New Zealand's former chief trade negotiator on how he sees Brexit not as a problem but an opportunity (listen)

Razeen Sally has vast experience of trade negotiation in Asia, he voted Remain, but told Giles he still sees a way for Brexit Britain to flourish outside the EU (listen)

Luis de la Calle was Mexico's chief negotiator for NAFTA, he accepts the Referendum result was a shock, but sees a bold Britain being able to be at the top table of the world's trading nations (listen)

Nicholas Niggli from Switzerland has Chaired Committee's dealing with huge trade deals for the WTO, he sees Britain positioned to make Brexit work, not just for an elite few but all UK citizens (listen)

Alan Oxley handled trade talks and made major trade deals on behalf of Australia he explains why so many in the UK seem unaware of Britain's trade potential outside the EU (listen)

Alden Abbott, a former Director of Antitrust Policy for the US Federal Trade Commission talks through what the UK can do outside the EU to improve it's world-wide trade but also its internal regulatory frameworks (listen)


Shanker Singham Director and founder of the Legatum Institute Special Trade Commission introduced guests to the work of the Commission and the progress they had made during their first London Conference (listen)