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The 2017 Legatum Prosperity Index™


The 2017 Legatum Prosperity Index™

Norway comes first in the 2017 Legatum Prosperity Index™ beating New Zealand into second place. This year's Index shows that global prosperity now sits at its highest level since 2007, in spite of significant international turbulence.

The 11th edition of the Prosperity Index reveals a number of surprising global, regional and national trends in economic and social wellbeing, including an alarming deterioration in global security and a widening gap between the most and least prosperous nations.

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Recent Publications

The Brexit Inflection Point: The Pathway to Prosperity

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Ahead of the proposed start of trade talks with the EU in December, the UK must adopt the right approach now if it is to remain an attractive trading partner after Brexit.

This new report by our Special Trade Commission, The Brexit Inflection Point: The Pathway to Prosperity, outlines the steps the UK needs to take now if it is to remain an attractive trading partner beyond March 2019.

It describes what is at stake: how the UK and the world will benefit from trade liberalisation, but conversely how failure to secure the right terms in the interim will leave the UK without the leverage needed to secure the right trade deals, placing it in a permanent rule-taking position, only halfway out of the EU.

Read the paper here.

The Quest for Prosperity: Shaping Australia's future

Friday, 27 October 2017

The political landscape in Australia currently faces a number of issues that threaten the future prosperity of the nation – issues related to economic and social wellbeing. From housing affordability, environmental issues, economic growth to funding issues for critical infrastructure. These issues manage to divide the nation between elections and these are the issues that all sectors of society are trying to address.

The Quest for Prosperity: Shaping Australia's future, has been prepared by the Legatum Institute in consultation with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. It examines Australia’s prosperity over the last decade – their current strengths and weaknesses and what this means to keep Australia’s living standards rising into the next decade. 

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The Quest for Prosperity: Shaping the future of our regions

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Prosperity was once considered purely a measurement of financial success. Today though, it’s a vital indicator of a nation’s health across the economy, society and the natural environment.

The quest for prosperity unites all countries — as they strive to improve communities, industries, health outcomes and preserve vital tourism and agricultural assets.

This paper has been prepared by the Legatum Institute in consultation with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. It is a data-driven analysis of prosperity across Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the UK — key markets for Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and its members.

Read the paper here.

More Good Homes: The urgent national mission for the UK

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The Country We Want To Be, led by Danny Kruger, is a new programme which will cast a vision for the UK after 2019, looking forward to the opportunities and threats we face as Britain leaves the EU and forces a new path in the world.

The More Good Homes project is part of this programme. Our Introductory Note on housing policy informed a seminar we held at Conservative Party Conference with Secretary of State for Communities and Housing, Sajid Javid. Following this and through an open and consultative process we will publish a position paper in the autumn of 2017 and then a policy paper in 2018.

Read the note here.

Public opinion in the post-Brexit era: Economic attitudes in modern Britain

Friday, 29 September 2017

A landmark study of public opinion in the UK post the General Election has found that there is widespread support for Labour’s nationalisation agenda and much less support for free enterprise.

Public opinion in the post-Brexit era—written by our Senior Fellow Matthew Elliott and co-authored with Populus’ James Kanagasooriam—paints an unvarnished picture of what the public think about enterprise, regulation, big business, banks, nationalisation, capitalism and socialism, suggesting that support for capitalism is in crisis. It suggests that economic attitudes in the country are further to the left than is widely appreciated, posing a challenge for those who have seen at first hand the power of competition, entrepreneurship and free trade to drive prosperity.

This report is the beginning of a new phase of work at the Legatum Institute. Having published reports on the Dutch, French and German elections this year, looking at right-wing populists such as Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen and the Alternative für Deutschland, Matthew Elliott will now be looking more closely at left-wing populists. This research will not just cover Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, but also Bernie Sanders in the US, the GreenLeft in the Netherlands, Jean-Luc Mélenchon in France and The Left in Germany. Having witnessed the growing popularity of populist ideas, we intend to explore the reasons for these attitudes and identify what can be done—by opinion-formers, politicians and the public —to explain the case for free enterprise more effectively.

Read the paper here.