Our simple big idea

The Prosperity Engine

The Legatum Institute’s research is framed by its view of how prosperity is created. Informed by the insights generated by our Prosperity Index, the “Prosperity Engine” illustrates that prosperity is the result of economic and social wellbeing working together.

True prosperity is about more than material wealth. We believe that a truly flourishing and prosperous society relies on two key drivers: economic and social wellbeing.

This view is also informed by our core beliefs:

We believe everyone has potential: People of all nations have immense personal worth, dignity, and value. They should be given the opportunity to realise their potential.

We believe transformation is possible: Prosperity is created by transforming lives, not by maintaining the status quo.

We believe prevention is better than cure: Preventing problems is the most effective way to put people on the pathway from poverty to prosperity.

We believe in engagement beyond government: Problems are being solved all over the world by individuals, charities, businesses, and communities.