Our Centre for Metrics



Metrics impact almost every decision made by people around the world. Effective measurement gives insight that helps decision-making, while also providing feedback on policy changes. 

Under the leadership of Dr Stephen Brien, the Legatum Institute is created a world-class Centre for Metrics - providing clear, accurate metrics that enable leaders to make clear, accurate decisions. Our high quality metrics provide the foundations upon which we will build our analysis, our ability to convene and, ultimately, our impact. 

We do this through:

The Social Metrics Commission The Social Metrics Commission is an independent charity chaired by the Legatum Institute's CEO Baroness Stroud. It is dedicated to helping policy makers and the public understand and take action to tackle poverty. Its ultimate goal is to develop new poverty metrics for the UK which will have both long-term political support and effectively identify those who are in poverty. By doing so, we hope that Government and others will be better able to develop interventions that reduce the number of people experiencing poverty and improve outcomes for those people who do experience it.

The Prosperity Index For a decade The Legatum Prosperity Index™ has been offering a unique insight into how prosperity is forming and changing across the world. Based on an updated methodology developed over the last 2 years with input from world leading advisers including Nobel Laureate Angus Deaton it measures Prosperity across 149 countries looking at a variety of categories: Economic, Business Environment, Health, Education, Governance, Personal Freedom, Safety and Security, Social Capital and Natural Environment.