Democracy Lab


As part of the Legatum Institute's Transitions ForumDemocracy Lab is an online partnership between the Legatum Institute and Foreign Policy magazine, dedicated to covering political and economic transitions around the world.

"Readers love stories about heroic activists triumphing against the odds - those are very moving.. But they often miss the very big, important parts of the story such as what the people in a regime are thinking or what is happening in the highest military circles; Democracy Lab aims to supply a richer picture."

When World War II ended, there were only a dozen or so democracies in the world. Today, there are 115—many of which joined the club within the last decade or two—and many more, as the revolutions of 2011 showed, on the way. Theirs is the story Democracy Lab aims to track.

Edited by Legatum Institute Senior Fellow and veteran foreign correspondent Christian CarylDemocracy Lab features a roster of leading writers and thinkers. It also hosts a daily blog, 'Transitions' produced by a global network of contributors covering change as it unfolds on the ground in countries from Burma to Egypt, as well as profiles of key political and economic players in transitional societies, detailed case studies, and a wide range of expert analysis and opinion.

As part of its work, Democracy Lab produces 'Lab Reports', offering in-depth looks at specific aspects of transitions in selected countries. Latest Lab Reports include the following countries: BurmaVenezuelaUkraineLibya and Kenya.

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In the video below, editor Christian Caryl explains the Democracy Lab approach.