We are inaugurating this month a series of “Chatham House” discussions where sector experts share the challenges their industry face, and how they can build and restore a healthy culture. We would like to explore the dichotomy between what the public think of the media: that it is sensationalist, too parti-pris, lapses into fake news, disregards privacy, and the way the media sees itself: as the champion of democracy and freedom, struggling against would-be censors who cannot bear criticism.

We hope, through our off-the-record discussions, to provide the perfect opportunity to engage influential thinkers in restoring the values that advance good citizenship and civic responsibility.

Our guests include: Tony Gallagher, Edward Stourton, Tim Montgomerie, Janet Daley, Ed Conway, Alastair Stewart, OBE, and Melanie McDonagh.

The Cultural Transformation Programme was launched in January 2017. 

This event is by invitation-only.