Historically strong nations and strong industries have been built on values such as courage, integrity, freedom, loyalty and social responsibility. Many of these values have been deeply challenged in recent years, particularly in industries such as politics, business and the media. 

The Legatum Institute’s Cultural Transformation programme of high-level events invites thought leaders in all sectors of society to examine how our age-old values system is needed to build and restore a healthy culture to our top institutions and industries. Through our events and follow-up discussions we hope to generate creative and credible solutions to promote the advancement of good citizenship and civic responsibility.

Sir Roger Scruton is one of Britain’s foremost philosophers, and the author of over 40, internationally acclaimed, books on aesthetics, political philosophy – and hunting. Through Buckingham University, Sir Roger leads a one-year, London-based MA in Philosophy. He has recently launched the Scrutopia Summer School (30 July-8 August), a ten day total immersion experience for a study group who share Sir Roger’s interest in culture.


  • Sir Roger Scruton


  • Tuesday, 18 April 2017; 18:15 for a 18:30 start followed by a reception
  • Legatum Institute, 11 Charles Street, London, W1J 5DW

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