Legatum Institute


The Legatum Institute is a charitable public policy think-tank whose mission is to help people lead more prosperous lives. The Institute defines prosperity as a combination of wealth and wellbeing. Its Legatum Prosperity Index™ assesses a wide range of indicators including education, health, social capital, entrepreneurship and personal freedom to rank 142 countries. Published annually, the Index has become an essential tool for governments around the world.

Through research programmes including The Culture of ProsperityTransitions Forum, and the Economics of Prosperity, the Institute seeks to understand what drives and restrains national success and individual flourishing. The Institute co-publishes with Foreign Policymagazine, the Democracy Lab, whose on-the-ground journalists report on political transitions around the world.

The Legatum Institute is based in London and an independent member of the Legatum Group, a private investment group with a 30 year heritage of global investment in businesses and programmes that promote sustainable human development.  

About the Legatum Institute - Download Corporate Brochure [PDF]